Teachers protest over unpaid salaries


In Alpuri, Shangla district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), dozens of second-shift schoolteachers took to the streets on Tuesday, staging a protest rally over the non-payment of salaries spanning eight months.

Joined by hundreds of students from these schools at the main Alpuri Chowk, the demonstrators demanded not only the immediate settlement of outstanding dues but also the assurance of timely salary disbursements in the future.


Expressing frustration over unaddressed pleas to the authorities and the provincial government, the protesters resorted to road blockades, prompting the police to employ baton charges to disperse the crowd.

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Unfortunately, the use of force resulted in a stampede, causing injuries to several students and their teachers. The ensuing road closures persisted for more than three hours, causing significant inconvenience to the general public.

In response to the escalating situation, police arrested several teachers and students, detaining them at the Alpuri police station. Subsequent negotiations between the District Commissioner and the protesting teachers yielded a commitment of Rs10.87 million within two days for salary payments. Following this assurance, the teachers concluded their protest, emphasizing the critical importance of financial transparency and timely remuneration for the sustenance of educational institutions.

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