Quran Art Journaling about Surah Qadr

When you combine art and journaling together then you can have an engaging way to reflect on the Quran. In this article I’ll show you how to do art journaling and use that to reflect on Surah Qadr, which is about the special Night of Decree in Ramadan. Let us reflect and understand why this night is so important.

Firstly, we will do the art, then apply the tafsir and the reflection I’ll leave for you to do.


Watercolour or art journal or paper

Watercolour paints




Black marker

White pen

Black Pen

Quran and tafsir


Follow along with me as I do the Quran Art Journaling in these steps.

Step 1

Draw a 5 pointed star. Make sure that it almost fits the whole page.

Step 2

Paint the star yellow.

Step 3

Apply orange to the edges and let it blend into the yellow.

Step 4

Apply blue randomly to the remaining areas of the paper.

Step 5

Apply purple randomly, letting it blend with the blue paint.

Step 6

Keep applying and layering the different shades of blue and purple paints that you have and allowing them to blend together.

Step 7

When the colours are as dark as you want them then apply black paint randomly and let it blend in.


Step 8

Dip your paint brush in water and the white paint. Splatter the white paint onto the space background. These represents stars.

Step 9

Rule some lines in the centre of the star to write the surah. Make sure you have enough lines by making the lines narrow.

Now write the whole surah in the centre of the star. Make sure that you write it quite small to fit in the whole surah.

Step 10

Trace the star with the black marker.

Step 11

Decorate the points of the star by using the black marker and drawing in patterns. Use the white pen to draw onto the black marker lines to add contrast and highlight the patterns.

Step 12

Write in the name of the surah in Arabic or English.

Step 13

Read the tafsir and write it around the star. Draw swirls around the star and use them to write in the rest of the tafsir.

Around the stars I wrote: On the Night of Decree, all the angels descend to the earth. There is peace until dawn. The night will be pure and glowing, not hot or cold. The sun will appear smooth with no rays. The Night of Decree can be found in the last 10 odd bights.

Around one swirl I wrote: The Quran was sent down during the Night of Decreeduring Ramadan at one time from the Preserved Tablet (Al Lawh Al Mahfuz) to the House of Might (Baytul Izzah)in the heaven of the world.

On another swirl I wrote: After the whole Quran came down to Baytul Izzah, it then came down to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, based on incidents that occurred.

And on another I wrote: Worship on the Night of Decree is equal to about 83 years of worship.

Step 14

This is the finished art.

Step 15

Now it’s time to reflect on this surah and write it down. You can write your reflection of the next page of your journal, right after the star art. Just rule some lines and think about what this surah means to you. Write it all down.

Step 16

The last part of Quran journaling is to right down an action that you will take to apply this surah. IT could be to search for Laylatul Qadr in the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan by staying up to read the Quran, pray the night prayers, tarawih and do some dhikr and make dua. Write this down.

That is Quran Art Journaling. If you liked that or like to do more Quran journaling then visit my blog and search. I have free lessons as well as classes on both Quran Journaling and Quran Art Journaling.

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