Sindh CM for use of new technology in health sector

KARACHI: In a health-tech summit hosted by Aga Khan University in Karachi, Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister, Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar, underscored the significance of embracing innovation and new technologies within the healthcare sector.

The event, attended by President AKU Sulaiman Shahabuddin, Chairman Zakir Mehmood, and other dignitaries, focused on advancements in healthcare.

Justice Baqar acknowledged the inherent challenges faced by the healthcare sector in a developing country like Pakistan, particularly for the underprivileged. He reiterated his government’s commitment to prioritizing healthcare, citing increased funding for both public and private health institutions, with a notable 70pc rise in the development portfolio over the past five years.

Highlighting initiatives by the Sindh Health Department, Justice Baqar detailed efforts to augment the capacity and quality of healthcare facilities. These initiatives include fortifying the primary and secondary healthcare system and implementing an independent monitoring system for accountability.

Justice Baqar also shed light on the Sindh Integrated Health and Population Program, designed to expand maternal and child health services. He mentioned the program’s focus on establishing a telehealth and telemedicine network to enhance access to quality healthcare.

Stressing the need for innovation and new technologies to enhance healthcare services, Justice Baqar expressed hope that the AKU summit would facilitate collaboration and synergy among stakeholders dedicated to advancing Pakistan’s healthcare sector.

AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin welcomed Justice Baqar to the summit, providing insights into its objectives and emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in driving progress within the healthcare sector.

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