Suzuki Bikes latest Price in Pakistan December 2023 update

Pakistani automobile market remains different from other countries for several reasons, as over half of market is ruled by Honda bikes however, other bike competitors like Suzuki, and Yamaha also share healthy share in market despite challenges.

The company excelled in premium bikes section and is offering several options that are more commuter friendly compared to the traditional two-wheelers.

On the move, Suzuki bikes feel light and agile, and their ability to stand with others is excellent. It is not sharp like Honda 125, and are bit heavy and rather disconnected compared to entry-level bikes.

Despite being expensive, Suzuki bikes continue to woo fans as it cover several points including power, style, comfort, and handling all come together in one unit.

The company caters to top segments in the market and a big part of the local market has been dominated by Honda and Chinese automakers.

Suzuki bikes prices 2023

Several companies announced drop in car and bike prices amid rupee appreciation, and Suzuki lovers are also looking for slashed rates, however the automaker has not changed the bike prices.

Models Price
Suzuki GD 110S Price in Pakistan Rs335,000
Suzuki GSX 125 Price in Pakistan Rs499,000
Suzuki GS 150 Price in Pakistan Rs364,00
Suzuki GR 150 Price in Pakistan Rs547,000

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