FBR to Hear Telcos’ Case Before Imposing Fine For Not Blocking Non-Filer SIMs

The government has introduced changes in the Finance Bill, requiring the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to conduct hearings for telecom operators before punishing them with fines under the Income Tax General Order (ITGO).

Sources told ProPakistani this modification means that FBR will not directly fine telecom companies but will first call them for a hearing. If the telecom operator fails to satisfy the FBR that it is complying with the ITGO by blocking SIMs of non-tax filers, a fine will be imposed.


Also, the fines for non-compliance have been reduced. Previously, telecom operators faced fines of Rs. 100 million and Rs. 200 million every 15 days for failing to block non-filers SIMs. The new amounts are Rs. 50 million and Rs. 100 million for the same period.