Balochistan to Admit Children of Labors in Higher Education

The Balochistan government has decided to enroll approximately 400 children of laborers in higher educational institutions nationwide on scholarships this year. The Labour and Manpower Department has already registered 200 children, with plans to complete registration for another 200 by July 15.


This decision was made during a review meeting of the Labour and Manpower Department, chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti on Wednesday. The meeting assessed the progress of the Youth Skills Development Program, revealing that the first batch of skilled youth from Balochistan will be sent abroad by March 2025, followed by unskilled workers in December 2025.

Adviser to the Chief Minister on Labour and Manpower, Sardar Ghulam Rasool Ummrani, along with Chief Secretary Balochistan Shakeel Qadir Khan, Secretary Labour Welfare, Director General B-TEVTA, and other officials, attended the meeting. The Chief Minister emphasized expediting the implementation of the Youth Skills Development Program to ensure employment opportunities after skill training.

Bugti also instructed the immediate operationalization of the Kuchlak Driving School, with B-TEVTA tasked to provide driving training to 100 individuals in the initial phase for employment in Oman. He highlighted the underreporting of laborers by industrial owners to avoid social security costs, stressing the need for accurate data collection through a special survey by the Labour Department.


Bugti underscored efforts to integrate laborers into social security schemes and ensure their welfare, condemning the exploitation of workers who are often paid below government-mandated wages. Adviser Ummrani affirmed the Chief Minister’s commitment to providing technical training and enhancing worker registration efforts per his vision.