‘Meesaq-e-Pakistan’ need of the time: Durrani

Former minister seeks cohesion between power circles

LAHORE: Former federal minister for information Muhammad Ali Durrani has stressed that all political parties must sign “Meesaq-e-Pakistan” (Pakistan Treaty) prior to the upcoming general elections to steer the country out of the current crises.

He expressed these thoughts while addressing the “Express Forum”, with Ahsan Kamre hosting the session in Lahore.

Durrani maintained that “collaboration” between political parties, establishment, and the judiciary was necessary for political and economic stability of Pakistan.

He stated that the country was in “dire need” of a political party securing a two-thirds majority in the upcoming elections.

He claimed that no party could complete its governmental term without a level playing field and the involvement of all political factions.

The former minister noted that the upcoming polls presented the politicians a “final opportunity” to cleanse their image, shift their focus on people and fortify democracy instead of adhering to dynastic politics.

“An environment of understanding and trust is imperative for economic and political stability,” he said.

“It is essential that a National Unity Government is formed through these elections where the majority party assumes the position of the prime minister and the cabinet comprises 25 to 30 ministers,” he added.

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